Awesome Website - How Do I Set & Manage Email

This article will guide you on where to go and manage both mail domains and email accounts with your Awesome Website Package. 


-Navigate to and log in with your credentials to the billing portal. 

-Once you log in, click on "Services" 


-Click on "My Services"


Once you click on "My Services" you will arrive to a screen like below and you will click on your "Awesome Website Plan" Package. (If you have multiple packages please choose accordingly for the mail domain in question).



After you click on the "Awesome Websites" plan you have you will arrive to the "Manage Product" page. Once you arrive to this page scroll down to bottom and Click on "Email Management"



Once mail domain is added or verified it is added, you may continue to the "Email Management" so that you can create individual email accounts or manage accordingly.


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