Creating Quote For Your Customer - AwesomeCloud Portal

Creating Quote For Your Customer
To Add Network Solution, Expand and click “New Solution”
Create Network Options and Click “Update” Once completed.
Once you configure your network here and update you will be redirected to previous screen below with total:
Build A Virtual Server Now by Expanding and clicking “New Server”
Specify the amount of resources needed by dragging the button accordingly here.
Prior To Adding if you would like to purchase licenses with this server you can click on the tab at the top “Software Licensing”
Once completed Click ADD
Once everything has been reviewed and your quote is final you can click “Provision Solution”
Here you can click on “Summary View” you will be directed to page below where you can modify, print, save template, export via PDF or Excel. If you plan on selling custom packages on your end, “Save Template” can simplify your process a bit in the portal.
If you no longer wish to review and want solution provision, click on “Modify” which takes you back to the previous page and here you click “Provision Solution”
Manage quotes on the initial “Quotes” Page

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