Applied Innovations Shared MSSQL Migration FAQ July 2016

Q: Why is my MSSQL server being migrated?
A: We are physically moving the MSSQL servers to a new location within the same data center which will provide greater redundancy and stability.
Q: Who will be affected by this MSSQL Migration?
A: All shared hosting clients on the Helm system who utilize shared MSSQL databases will be affected by this migration. This will also affect Cloud Server clients who have chosen not to license their own SQL installation and instead rely on our shared MSSQL database servers for their database needs. More specifically any clients with databases hosted on the MSSQL Servers SQL2k8a, SQL2k8b, SQL2k5c, SQL2k5d, SQL2k5e, SQL2k5f, SQL2k5g, or will be affected. If you have your own Cloud Server(s) and you run your MSSQL databases on those Cloud Servers you will not be affected by this migration. 
Q: Will my database be offline for the full six hour window?
A: Even though the migration window is six hours total we anticipate each individual SQL server will only be down for a period of 15-30 minutes. We have provided a six hour time window to make sure there is adequate time for preparation and testing after each server is moved. This will allow us to verify all services come back online and that connectivity to the web servers functions as expected.
Q: How do I find the name of my SQL Server in the control panel?
A: If your hosting account is in the Helm Control Panel system ( please refer to this KB article which will show you how to determine your SQL Server name:  If your hosting account is in WebSitePanel ( please refer to this KB article which will show you how to determine your SQL Server name:
Q: Will my database(s) lose any data during this migration?
A: No, the servers are being physically moved from one location to another within the same data center after they have been gracefully shut down. These servers are not undergoing any changes to their hardware configurations. As a best practice precaution we do keep regular backups of the shared MSSQL servers which will undergo integrity checks prior to this migration but again we do not anticipate any potential for data loss as a result of this migration.
Q: Who do I talk to if I want to purchase a Cloud Server to run my own MSSQL instance instead of using the shared MSSQL servers?
A: Please contact and reference the "Applied Innovations Shared MSSQL Migration" and someone will be happy to assist you with this process. If your intention is to complete this action prior to the maintenance window please contact us no later than 5pm Eastern Thursday July 14th to make sure we have adequate time to deploy your server, configure your MSSQL installation, and migrate your database(s).

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