How to enable Telnet client in Windows

Telnet is a Windows feature that allows the verification of the connecting port (open or closed)
These steps will walk you through the process to Enable Telnet in a Windows Server 2012 R2 environment
The example below are steps taken if you do not have the "Server Manager" icon on the servers desktop Taskbar
Step 1:
Click on "Start"
Step 2:
Click "Server Manager"
or type "Server Manager" & Click "Server Manager" from the list of options
Step 3: 
Select "Add roles and features"
Step 4:
Click "Next >
Step 5:
Make sure "Role-based or feature-based installation" is selected
Click "Next >
Step 6:
Make sure "Select a server from the server pool" is selected
Click "Next >
Step 7:
Under "Server Roles"
Click "Next >
Step 8:
Under "Features"
Select "Telnet Client"
Click "Next >
Step 9:
Under "Confirmation"
Click "Install
Step 10:
Test the "Telnet" feature
telnet [HOST] [PORT]
Example: telnet 80 or telnet localhost 80
If you see the above output the feature is working correctly

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