How to Submit a Screenshot to Technical Support

When reporting an issue/error on your server, you may be asked to submit a screenshot of your error so we can have a better understanding of your problem.

This tutorial will outline a common method of taking screenshots so you can email them to us along with your problem description for review to we can better assist you.



There are several ways to take a screenshot. A screen capture application is easiest to use. Some common screenshot applications are:  Screenhunter and Jing.


Windows also has a built in screen capture ability, however it will take a capture of your entire screen and not just one area or window. But if you don't want to install anything on your PC to take screenshots you can follow the steps below.

To take a screeshot of your screen, click the print screen button on your keyboard. Some keyboards may have this as "Prt Scr" and some may have it as "Print Screen". The key is usually in the upper-right portioin of your keyboard, for example:



Usually you won't notice anything happening after you press the Print Screen key, but it has saved the image of your screen to the clipboard.

(Note: For Dedicated Servers & VPS servers - if you are sharing your clipboard in your Remote Desktop properties (which is the default setting), you should be able to perform the following steps on your local computer so you can then easily email us the images.

On your computer, immediately launch the Windows Paint program.

This is found under START -> ALL PROGRAMS -> ACCESSORIES:









In Microsoft Paint, go to the Edit menu, and select Paste:



Your screenshot will then be pasted in the window.

Next, go to FILE --> SAVE AS...

Be sure to save the file as JPEG or GIF format:

Save As

Name your file, and save it to a location of your choice on your local hard drive (remember where you saved it)

Now that you have saved your screenshot(s), please submit your screenshots to our technical support department along with your account details and a description of the issue so we can assist you.




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