You may receive an error message when you try to use SQL Server Management Studio to update a row of a table in SQL Server 2005


Error message 1
Data has changed since the Results pane was last retrieved. Do you want to save your changes now
(Optimistic Concurrency Control Error)
Click Yes to commit your changes to database anyway.
Click No to discard your change and retrieve the current data for this row.
Click Cancel to continue editing.
Note If you click Yes in this error message dialog box, the row is updated correctly.

Error message 2
No row was updated.
The data in row X was not committed.
Error Source: Microsoft.VisualStudio.DataTools.
Error Message: The row value(s) updated or deleted either do not make the row unique or they alter multiple rows(N rows).
Correct the errors and retry or press ESC to cancel the change(s).

Step 1

Microsoft has published the following KB article regarding this error message:

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