Problems with UPS realtime shipping component with google checkout (Error: UPS Gateway Did Not Respond)

  • Problem: When using google checkout and the real time shipping carriers, we recommend that you only use one real time shipping carrier. Google checkout mandates that no more than 3 seconds pass from the initial request to the time it receives all of the checkout data. So, after customers click the button, the storefront must make a call to each carriers' server, retrieve the data and pull the rates and shipping methods from that data, put the cart information and shipping information in the proper google checkout format, and then send all of the information to google...and it all has to be done in 3 seconds or less. 

  • Error: If on the regular checkout page you're getting a UPS error (Error: UPS Gateway Did Not Respond), this can definitely cause an issue with google checkout receiving all of the information within the allotted timeframe.

  • Solutions: check your UPS real time shipping appconfigs and check with UPS to make sure there isn't an issue with their servers or your account...and then consider using only one real time shipping carrier if feasible.

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