MailChannels: SPF Records

Sender Policy Framework (SPF) records allow domain owners to publish a list of IP addresses or hostnames that are authorized to send email on their behalf.  The purpose of an SPF record is to reduce the amount of spam and fraud by making it more difficult for malicious email senders to disguise their identity. 

If your domain name has an existing SPF record in your DNS, you will need to modify the existing SPF record to ensure that Internet receivers will properly identify and receive your mail. If you don't yet have an SPF record but would like to add one for your domain name, this is also covered below.

Please also reference the screenshots below for how this would look when entered into your hosting Control Panel.



If your current SPF record looks like this:

v=spf1 ?all

You will need to add "" to your SPF record. For the example above, the modified SPF record should look as follows:

v=spf1 ?all



The SPF record should be in this format (replace with your domain name)

v=spf1 ?all


Note: you will also need to include all other email servers you and your users send mail through (if applicable). Please contact your external email providers/ISP for their SPF setting and add their entry to your SPF record.

There should only be ONE TXT DNS record for your SPF record (do not add one SPF record for each mail server. All mail servers should be listed in one SPF record on the same line)



If you are using the HELM Control Panel system, below is an example of how to add the SPF record to your DNS settings:


Adding an SPF record to HELM




If you are using the Websitepanel Control Panel system, below is an example of how to add the SPF record to your DNS settings:


Adding an SPF record to Websitepanel




Note: MailChannels does not support DKIM at this time.


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